Our Repair Team

Sing Hai Marine Engineering offers a wide range of services for afloat repairs and fabrications. With our skilled technicians who have many years experience in ship repair yards, our capability is not only steel repair at anchorage, but also machinery overhaul, air conditioning duct cleaning and Inventory Hazardous Material survey. 

Steel Structure Renewal

With a lager pool of skilled and certified steel welders, to carry out fabrication in workshop and steel repairs afloat. 


Pipeline Renewal

With certified pipe welders, to carry out pipeline structure fabrication and pipeline repairs for carbon steel, copper nickel and stainless steel pipes.


Mechanical Works

Repair and overhaul machinery onboard vessel with support from theservice centre team and facility.


Inventory Hazardous Material (IHM)

Provide HazMat Experts for the preparation of IHM to meet the Hong Kong International Convention.


HVAC Duct Cleaning

With robotic cleaning machine, cleaning of HVAC ducts will be more productive and effective.